Before and After Pictures

All "Before and After" dieters pictured are clients of Red River Wellness, Fargo ND

Jennifer 20R

Gerri 20L

Kim 20C

Amy 20McTavish

Jamie 20Benson

Tim 20Teig

Julie 20T

Jan 20W

Regina 20B 1

Barb 20M

Julie 20Z

Andy 20F

Jan 20H

Judy 20H 1

Andrea 20S

Curt 20H

Mike 20S

Jill 20B 1

Jeremy 20F 1

Marty 20K

Blaine 20N

Clare 20M

David 20L

Alice 20S

Josh 20B

Maria 20O

Owen 20O

JoLynn 20N

Kathy 20T

Terry 20H

Marilyn 20K